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Chicago - February 7th

Hilton Rosemont Chicago O'Hare,
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Speaking and Coaching are some of the most profitable professions in the world. I would know because even though I started as a stutterer with a big fear of speaking, today I am the World’s #1 Wealth Coach and one of the highest paid platform speakers in the world. I’ve created more speakers globally last year than any other guru and I speak in at least 65 countries worldwide. (Check out pictures below) Now, are you next?

I don't care if you've never spoken before, are unsuccessful in your own mind or have no idea what you would speak or coach on, we will figure that out at the event. Even if you aren’t interested in selling a product but would like to use speaking to increase your own profile or brand, this is the event for you.

The reason I am doing this one-day workshop is because I know how much potential there is in the people from Chicago. I am coming to Chicago to give you my most successful branding tips and to find the next big speaker, coach, and author...and guess what? It could be YOU!

Here are some of the topics we will try to cover in one full day:

28 Game Changing Topics

Topic #1: How to get branded by speaking, even if you don’t want to be a sales speaker
Topic #2: How to become a top platform speaker ($1 Million plus selling your product)
Topic #3: How to be a paid keynote speaker ($5,000-$25,000 per gig)
Topic #4: How to become a top paid coach (Life, Wealth, Real Estate, Internet or Business)
Topic #5: How to get speaking engagements in the US and Canada
Topic #6: How to get speaking engagements internationally
Topic #7: How to speak with celebrities like Pacino, Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Zuckerberg
Topic #8: How to become a promoter and create your own events
Topic #9: How to become a New York Times best-selling Author
Topic #10: How to become a celebrity in your own niche
Topic #11: How to become a published author
Topic #12: How to create your own products to sell on stage
Topic #13: How to create a product and sell it online
Topic #14: How to create an eBook as a lead generation
Topic #15: How to become an Amazon best-selling author
Topic #16: How to create your own CD of the month program
Topic #17: How to build your database (List Building)
Topic #18: How to get onto other speaker's stages
Topic #19: How to create your stages for your own events
Topic #20: How to hire other speakers to speak for you and your brand
Topic #21: How to create your own radio show
Topic #22: How to get PR and on TV
Topic #23: How to become the authority on the market
Topic #24: How to make $1 Million a year as a speaker/coach/promoter
Topic #25: How to make $100,000 plus as a speaker/coach/promoter
Topic #26: How to become a top female speaker (they are desperately needed)
Topic #27: How to build passive income as a speaker/coach/consultant
Topic #28 How to close better than your competition each and every time

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"After attending Mega Speaker, several exciting things have come about. I have been approached with easy talks with a Weight Loss company who are considering making me their spokesman after sharing my transformation on stage. I have also been invited to be a guest speaker at a business event in the UK. I have also been approached by a local bank to do some training on branding and how to put yourself out there and be different. So fantastic opportunities have come my way."
Julie Solomon

"As a result of attending Mega Speaker and becoming a Speaker, I already got new collaboration partners and we have lined up for all of next year. Which is a HUGE step for my business towards my big vision. I also got new potential clients, alot of new connections and speaking opportunities in different countries. I also sponsors for dresses and jewelry for whatever in need for future events. It just shows how POWERFUL it is with speaking and branding for your business."
Kristine Overby

"I just came home from the the best networking event that I ever had in my life. I had the opportunity to speak and the quality of people that are in JT's family is amazing."
Deva Jeganathan

"I had the honor to speak on stage after attending a Mega Speaker and it was fantastic. Since then my speaking opportunities have multiplied, its fantastic. JT is all about results, if you want more results follow JT."
Paul Hughes

"Since attending JT's Mega Speaker event, I have had the opportunity to speaker on a larger stage. I have gained 523 new Facebook friends and got a lot of new business contacts. The most important, I got a new mind set. A mind set aim at success and action taking towards the success. I want to thank JT Foxx, Damien Elson and all the coaches for the opportunity. I am really excited to share my success stories at Family Reunion 3."
Angela Go

Who is JT FOXX

JT Foxx is a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, philanthropist and the world’s #1 Wealth Coach. With business interests and clients in over 40 countries and six continents, JT Foxx is widely considered to be one of the top platform speakers in the world. JT Foxx is a former media personality having had his own syndicated radio show in the United States and Canada. He has appeared on major news media networks like CNBC and BBC, in addition to features in Forbes and various print magazines as well as multiple radio shows all over the world.

His driving force and his motto is "Powered by your success." JT has helped countless successful entrepreneurs and real estate investors take their lives and businesses to the next level largely through his trainings around the world. At his events, JT brings together some of the world's most influential business power players, celebrities, investors and start-ups. Icons such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Pacino, Sylvester Stallone, Jack Welch, Michael Eisner, Randi Zuckerberg, Rudy Giuliani, Kathy Ireland, Michael Irvin, Gene Simmons, Vanilla Ice and Bret Michaels have been at his acclaimed events sharing their stories and experiences through memorable interviews and skits. Most importantly, JT’s newest passion is his work with various children’s hospitals in South Africa and Singapore and his charitable project the JT Foxx Foundation which works with several children's charities. Through him and his foundation fund raising efforts have achieved over $900K in contributions for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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Why can't I get my first speaking gig?

It's always the hardest to get the first speaking engagement because no one knows who you are and you aren't proven yet. At this workshop, we are not only going to cover how to get for first gig booked, but we will also give you opportunities to have your first speaking engagement on your first large international stage.

What do promoters want to see to book someone?

They want to see that you have a strong brand with a strong following. If you don't have that yet, then that is a key part you will learn how to build at this workshop. Not only how to brand, but how to build credibility very quickly!

Can I hold my own events?

If you know how to market and brand properly, you can actually do your own events and have more control instead of finding promoters to help get you on stages. We are going to give you some tools to actually be able to market and put together your own events at this workshop.

Are there different types of speakers?

There are sales speakers, keynote speakers, and content speakers. Sales speakers make the most amount of money to start out and keynote speakers are typically celebrities or individuals that have very large brands that can command large sums of money to speak. At this workshop, we will work with you on all of them.

I'm more interested in becoming a Coach or Author, is this for me?

Speaking, Coaching, and becoming and Author all go together. Usually if you write a book, you get more speaking engagements. As you are speaking more, people are going to approach you and want to get coached by you. If you are a coach, its easier to have the credibility to get you on stage. So at some point all three work together. Not sure which one to start with? We will cover that at the workshop.

I'm more interested in just becoming a better speaker, not speaking on big stages, so can I still come?

Yes, the elements of being a great speaker to 1 person or 1,000 people are the same and how you put presentations together are the same. That's what we are going to work on at this workshop.

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Media JT Foxx has Been Featured In

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JT Foxx with friends, people he's met or done business with:

Al Pacino

Sylvester Stallone

Gene Simmons
"Rock 'n' Roll Legend from KISS"

Bret Michaels
"Rockstar Poison Frontman"

Michael Eisner
"Former Disney CEO"

Jack Welch
"Former General Electric CEO"

Donna Karan
"Founder of DKNY"

Richard Branson

Steve Wozniak
"Co-Founder of Apple"

Stedman Graham
"Oprah's Man"

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Rudy Giuliani
"America's Mayor"

Howard Schultz
"CEO of Starbucks"

Randi Zuckerberg
Founder of Zuckerberg Media, & Former Facebook Director of Market Development

Michelle Mone

Vanilla Ice

Michael Irvin

Cathy Ireland

George Ross
JT's Coach

John Travolta
Famous Actor

50 Cent
Famous Rapper

Calvin Klein
Fashion Designer

Bruce Buffer
Voice of the UFC

Fredrik Eklund
Reality TV Star


Hilton Rosemont Chicago O'Hare,
5550 North River Road,
Rosemont, IL 60018

Date & Time:

February 7th, 2017
12pm & 6pm